Starring at 6ix

The downtown of Toronto is magnificent.  You can actually watch it from any spot of this massive city. But there are 12 spots, where the view is astonishing.

“Let’s walk  together to this Photowalk“:

1.Tommy Thompson Wildlife Park

IMG_0077 (2)

and The Lighthouse.


2. Chester Hill Lookout

IMG_1181 (2)-1IMG_1198 (2)

3. Polson Pier Park


IMG_2696 (3)

4. Crothers Wood Trail Path

IMG_2798-1 (2)-1

5. Humber Bay Park West

IMG_0344 (3)-1


6. Bloor and Danforth Bridge

IMG_0464 (3)-1IMG_0466 (2)-1



7. Ashbridge Bay Park




8. Riverdale Park

IMG_2260 (2)

9. Evergreen Brick Works Park

IMG_2294 (2)-1-1


10. Kew Beach Park

IMG_1287 (3)-1


11. Freedom for Hungary Monument



12. Woodbine Beach Park















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